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Mark Eggen / Alisa Eggen
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About Delphi Insurance Solutions

Medicare is our specialty and it's all we do.

  Mark and Alisa combine 30 years of consultation experience with more than a decade of direct experience in the insurance industry to help guide their customers through the Medicare Maze.  Reviewing Medicare rules, coverage options and general processes can be like reading a different language. 

  Luckily we speak "Medicare" and can help simplify everything, while applying local considerations.  Medicare has been our Primary Specialty since 2014; and we are here to assist customers, whether someone is aging-in (turning 65), retiring soon, recently moved or have transitioned into Medicare as a result of a disability.  We will provide personalized guidance, answers, and education that is most appropriate for each individual.   Our  mission is to make transitioning into Medicare as simple, painless, and easy as  possible.  We prefer to educate our prospective clients, guide their decision making, develop strange relationships with them, and help them long after the point of enrollment.  

  We have additional information and guidance related to programs beneficial to low-income individuals and former military members.  These programs may help reduce the costs of prescriptions, premiums, co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles, while at the same time provide extra benefits.   

  Call us now for a FREE consultation to compare most of the major Medicare options with no obligations.   Since we represent multiple companies, we work for our customers, NOT the insurance companies.  That's what's meant by providing independent, unbiased information.

  We are your Licensed Independent LOCAL Brokers with an understanding of LOCAL issues.    We are licensed throughout Washington State with enhanced knowledge to HELP those in Western Washington (particularly Thurston, Lewis, Pierce, Kitsap, Cowlitz, Clark, Mason, Grays Harbor, Jefferson, King and Snohomish Counties) and Beyond.  While these locations represent most of our current in-home visits, and events, we can provide assistance with anyone in the State of Washington.  We have clients as far away as Spokane.  We have recently obtained licensing in States that current clients have move to, including Idaho, Michigan, Montana, Texas, Arizona, California, and Oregon.  We do so to help those who relocate, and we have a number of other eligible States that can still be added, if the need arises.  

  Most of our consultations are provided face-to-face, where we travel to the prospective customer's home.  We have no limits to where we meet, so long as allowed by the State.  This includes restaurants, coffee shops, parks, Senior Centers, libraries, or any other neutral locations preferred by the customer.  We can also conduct consultations by phone, and we have expanded capability for remote applications using both digital and voice acknowledgements.  We never charge our prospective clients for our services.