Senior Services Has A New Housing Program

Is rent taking a big bite out of your Social Security check? Is rising rent forcing you to move? Don’t be discouraged. The solution may be the Shared Apartments, a new housing assistance program at Senior Services for South Sound. This program works to find you a compatible housemate to share a two-bedroom apartment. By combining the two incomes, you can often meet the typical household income requirement, and pay less in rent than you would in a one-bedroom apartment. To qualify, you need to meet with Peter Okada at the Olympia Senior Center for a screening and review of program requirements. Together you will find a suitable apartment, and roommate. Senior Services also has funds available to help you with a portion of your fees and deposit with a zero interest loan. Monthly payments average $10 to $20.

Do you have a home with an extra room? Are you in need of a little extra support around the home? Are you looking for an affordable housing situation and have skills you can exchange? Then the Home Share Program might be for you. The Home Share Program provides a marketplace for those with home availability in exchange for a combination of light caregiving, transportation support, or companionship for a reduced rent. We also provide a space for market rate room rentals. Those seeking housing let us know what they are available to pay and what skills they can exchange for a lower rent. We then work to match compatible Seekers and Providers. This program requires a $25 application fee and an application to be completed. You can pick up an application at the Virgil Clarkson Lacey Senior Center, or the Olympia Senior Center.

For more information about Shared Apartments, please contact Peter Okada at or 360.586.6181, ext. 101. For more information about Shared Housing please contact Molly Noble at or 360.586.6181, ext. 120.