What is SAN?

The Senior Action Network is collection of member businesses in Thurston, Mason, and Lewis counties dedicated to enhancing the lives of seniors through business development, resources and services.

Our mission includes providing education to help enhance healthy, independent and secure lives for seniors in our community.

Even those not yet considered “seniors” are certainly seniors-in-training and can benefit from the plethora of information provided.


In addition to the ongoing monthly educational opportunities, members of our Speakers Bureau are also available to you or any group you may participate in. (Church group, Rotary, etc) Our speakers provide education on a variety of topics, and all programs are educational only. (There is no selling) Examples of topics include Long term care options, legal matters, healthy living, organizing and downsizing, and many more.


SAN has a financial gifting program that provides help to seniors through donations from the public and businesses when there are no other options for them. Funds have been distributed for utility assistance, building a ramp, dental help, etc. The Gifting Committee requests those applying for our help to attempt to locate financial resources elsewhere first:
SAN should be a “last stop” for emergency assistance.

To learn more about Gifting, please contact us.

The Senior Action Network sponsors and/or participates in many activities throughout the year.

  • Caregiver Recognition Banquet and Silent Auction
  • Senior Food Drive (Partners with Hanson Motors)
  • Living Well, Living Long – A Health & Wellness Expo
  • Annual Alzheimer’s Conference and Alzheimer’s Walk
  • Annual Fundraising Raffle for our Gifting Program
  • Yard Clean up
  • Lakefair’s 50+ In the Park and The Senior Games
  • Senior Services for South Sound Auction

We also provide:

  • Monthly SAN information in The Olympian and the Senior News
  • A website and calendar of events for Member and SAN Sponsored Events
  • Our monthly meeting with educational speakers
  • The Senior Action Network wants to raise your awareness of all the available options. There are many more events and activities in which this wonderful group of senior supportive businesses is involved.